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The artist Mike Parr
Born 1945, Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Sydney.

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Sydney Biennale,

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Solar winds 1 – 6
Mike Parr may have been a lumberjack, but he’s OK now! He used to love sausages, but a recent BBC television programme made him change his eating habits…
Zastruga Self Portrait
Mike Parr is widely regarded as one of the most gifted living Australian artists and as the most outstanding Australian artist of his generation…
Mike Parr is well known for his work across diverse media including performance, photography, sculpture, video, drawing and printmaking. Active as an artist in Australia since the late 1960s, with an extensive exhibitions history both locally and internationally, he has examined a range of philosophical and political concerns that embrace both the self and the wider world over time…
Mike Parr’s work has recently been exhibited in companion exhibitions at the Sydney Biennale and at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney, with The Tilted Stage continuing Parr’s process of intervention with aged and often dilapidated spaces.

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