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The artist Michal Budny
Born 1976, Leszno, Poland.
Lives and works in Warsaw, .

Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Budny draws on classic model-building techniques. His transparent production process incorporates and renders visible the traces of construction. On closer inspection however, Budny inverts model building. The goal of coming as close as possible to the form to be imitated does not determine the medium. Budny chooses the form of expression based how it affects the statement, as part of the content. A traditional model typically formulates a proposition, a provisional arrangement intended to lead to its realization. In contrast, Budny deconstructs already existing phenomena into a type of test status. In this sense, he does not actually execute his works with model-building techniques, but rather imitates the art form, or abstracts it into an entirely independent language. Budny’s most recent series of “origamis” exemplifies this procedure. He does not create these works by making elaborate folds in sheets of paper, but by putting individually cut pieces together...

Untitled (Borders)

Works and biography