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The artist Max Alpert
Born March 18 1899, Ukraine, Simferopol nr. Odessa, Russia.
Died Dec 1 1980 Moscow, USSR.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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The Construction of the Grand Fergana Canal, 1939.
The Industrialisation of Russia with the Five-Yearsplans 1928 > 1941
Workers at Sunrise, 1930’s.
Max Alpert moved to Moscow after three years in the Red Army and began a career working for state publications. In 1929, he photographed the construction of a steelworks plant in Magnitogaisk, resulting in "Giant and Builder," his series on the life of steelworker Viktor Kolmykow. Alpert helped produce "Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of the Filippov Family," a photography exhibition that toured Vienna, Prague, and Berlin in 1931…

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