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The artist Maurice Utrillo
Born Dec 26 1883, Paris, France.
Died Nov 5 1955 Dax, Landes.

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Painting,

(Maurice Valadon)

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In the entire history of modern art, miracles have occurred only twice, and both times in France. Just Before 1900, a poor, middle-aged civil servant, Henri Rousseau, a self-taught "Sunday painter," infused new energies and ideas into art. Shortly thereafter, a young, half-mad alcoholic of Montmartre, Maurice Utrillo, presented strange lanscapes which delighted the man in the street and astonished the connoisseur…
Maurice Utrillo est l’exemple même du peintre autodidacte, formé par la rue et non par les musées…

Moulin de la Galette & La maison Rose a Montmartre

Artist’s website
Rue Custine a Monmartre

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