Matthijs de Bruijne | the artist

The artist Matthijs de Bruijne
Born 1967, , Netherlands.
Lives and works in The Netherlands / Argentina, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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The archive of SECLO, an institution of the Argentinean Ministry of Labor established as an obligatory pre-court mediation service for labor conflicts: on the shelves, the color pink prevails. These are files containing complaints issued by employees against their employers...

The Dutch artist Matthijs de Bruijne works on the field of sound, sculptures and Web sites. His work explores themes related to cultural aspects, individual convictions, and above all the adventure of intercultural miscommunication. ..


Last December 2001, Matthijs de Bruijne traveled for the second time to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This time he brought with him 14 photographs of images from Amsterdam. The purpose was to look for similar sites in Buenos Aires of generic places - such as restaurants, trains, roads, fences, houses - that can be found anywhere in the world...

At 3.45 pm, the speaker of Urquiza's station says: "The next train to Retiro is not for passengers!"