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The artist Matthias Weischer
Born 1973, Elte, Germany.
Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany, .

Style and technique of the artist: New Leipzig School, Painting,

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Weischer explores space through the construction and deconstruction of imagined interiors, creating rooms within rooms, returning to the painting time and again to make new spaces, building up layers of paint at the same time as creating overlapping perspectives.

Prague Biennale

Matthias Weischer's dream houses defy all spatial logic; he makes architectural installations that can only exist in two dimensions. Depicting a ceiling-less apartment, Egyptian Room removes the ambit between internal and external space. Instead, each element imposes its own sense of order on each other: outside, palm trees and sand dunes tower in geometric precision, while inside Matthias Weischer's meticulous grid gives way to its own organic confusion...

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