Marya Kazoun | the artist

The artist Marya Kazoun
Born 1976, Beirut, Lebanon.
Lives and works in New York City, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

Lebanese / Canadian

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Tonight is the full moon; trapeze artists crash and break their necks. Looking at you makes me want to slap you. I see the child in you. It is still an inexcusable behavior. Maybe she doesn’t have enough money to seek a second opinion. The onions are drying up...

Alien triggered a lot of awareness about the human monster. We fear it, our monster, it can be hideous but not without beauty. These creatures represented in movies are only our shadows, this part in us we have buried and hidden. What is buried? Shame? Why all that shame? We gave up a lot when we started living in human societies...

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