Martin Guttmann | the artist

The artist Martin Guttmann
Born 1957, Jerusalem, Israel.
Lives and works in New York and San Francisco, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Photography,

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Works with Michael Clegg.

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We were fascinated by the possibility that our work could provide a point of view that was a lot wider than the one that one can really commonly expect, because this point of view could span a variety of cultural form and, by emphasizing the parallels, you can really see how – not just what happens in one form – but how the whole culture spans different variations of a basic theme. This, we felt, could be a good methodology for us, for something that we can expect our art to do...

When Michael Clegg and Martin Guttmann carried out their Open Library project for the first time in 1991, the main point was to suspend the fundamental properties of the social institution of the library. Three unprotected bookcases were placed around the city; their contents could be removed without surveillance, restrictions or administrative complications. These open-air libraries bore only a small instruction, which invited people to use them and gave the phone number of the Graz Art Society to call for further information...

Michael Clegg and Martin Guttmann have been a collaborative artist team since 1980. For this presentation Clegg was unable to attend. Guttmann began by giving an overview of problems associated with the execution of public art in Europe. His concerns: How does the artist secure funding for public art without glorifying the state and adding to its power? How does the artist deal with issues of representation in the communities in which they are operating in, given the artist is often an outsider?