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The artist Marko Maetamm
Born 1965, Viljandi, Estonia.
Lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Drawing, Digital Art,

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Mäetamm is an Estonian multimedia artist who works in video, drawing, interactive CDs, and the Internet. Me-Supernatural, 2000, is an epic Internet graphic novel involving the hermetically sealed trinity of God, the Devil, and Mäetamm himself. It is as if the all-powerful figures of good and evil are consumed, to the exclusion of all other earthly matters, with Mäetamm’s progress on the material plane...

To begin with, the pieces for this exhibition were produced simultaneously with those for the Venice Biennale, which makes it simple to conclude that the subject matter of the exhibition is more or less the same...

"The work can be exhibited on the wall or on the table, depends on the venue"

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