Mark Dion | the artist

The artist Mark Dion
Born 1961, New Badford, Massachusetts, USA.
Lives and works in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania.

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Thames Dig
Mark Dion produces artwork that consistently blurs the boundaries between natural history, art, and science. A recipient of the Larry Aldrich Award in 2001, his works both critique and celebrate the cataloging and presentation of art, historical, and natural materials by museums, exploring themes as diverse as archeology, consumer culture, ecology, environmentalism, and political activism…
Mark dion with John Pfahl
Mark Dion conducts large-scale projects in which he questions the role of specialists—from archeologists to ethnologists, from historians to art curators. He questions the classification systems placed on objects by professionals and institutions and invites viewers of his work to be an active audience. For example, Dion’s Tate Thames Dig was a public project in London involving historical sites past and present, including the Tate Museum, Globe Theatre, and Bankside Power Station…
Prehistoric reptiles, gigantic mammals and live piranhas are among the curiosities used in the work of American contemporary artist, Mark Dion…

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