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The artist Marianne von Werefkin
Born Sept 11 1860, Toela, Russia.
Died Febr 6 1938 Ascona.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Blaue Reiter,

Russian expressionist painter Marianne von Werefkin, known as the Russian Rembrandt. Had lessons from the artist Repin in St. Petersburg in 1886. She met Alexej von Jawlensky and were friends in Munich, travelled together till 1921. Werefkin and Jawlensky worked together with Kandinsky around 1908.

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La Famiglia The Family

The bold self-portrait of Marianne Werefkin at 50 is a favorite cover choice for books about women painters, with its red, passionately glowing eyes, its proud gaze, and its “unnatural colors and whirling brushstrokes.” It took a long time for women artists to win admission to their profession, and the revolutionary Werefkin embodies and depicts this breakthrough more triumphantly and convincingly that almost any other. Her self-portrait reflects “the personal dramatic self-image of Werefkin” (Mangold) and thus appears quite the opposite of what was expected of a lady. Werefkin was ahead of her time not only as an artist and a theoretician of art, but also as a woman – but only after she had first carried the “feminine” ideal of self-sacrifice and renunciation to an extreme hard for us to understand today, and then overcome it…

marianne von werefkin
Von Werefkin widmet sich hier einem der Hauptthemen des Blauen Reiters. Im Gegensatz zu den Künstlern, die begeisterte Anhänger des industriellen Lebens waren, versuchten die MalerInnen des Münchner Kreises das städtische Großstadtleben und die damit verbundene Industrialisierung zu meiden. Sie zogen sich nicht nur auf fast naive Weise ins ländliche, einfache Leben zurück, sondern wählten es auch zu einem ihrer bildnerischen Hauptthemen. Indem von Werefkin Wäscherinnen bei ihrer alltäglichen Arbeit zeigt, folgt sie diesem Ideal ländlicher Idylle…

marianne von werefkin

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