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The artist Luciano Fabro
Born Nov 20 1936, Turin, Italy.
Died June 22 2007, Milan, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Arte Povera,

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1 L’occhio di Dio - 2 Italia d’oro - 3 Tamerlano - 4 Attaccapanni

Demetra (Demeter)

This unusual work by Luciano Fabro is made from marble and flour. If you take a closer look you’ll see that there is an image of a man on it. How did it get there? Fabro made this figure come alive in the flour by first carving the image into the large marble cylinder and then rolling the marble over the flour…

Demetra (Demeter)

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All our senses are set in movement, our whole body reacts when we are interested in something, when we come into contact with something or someone else ...  (L. Fabro, 1992)

Until some time ago, whoever was interested in Art had little time and little patience to reflect on Art itself. What revolved around art was more interesting: money, prestige, politics… Then came the fall. So, before it becomes clear to everyone which sector of art will be the next to have prestige, I would like you to hear what I have learned about it in my more than thirty years of militancy…

Luciano Fabro is a leading figure in Arte Povera (“poor art”), a movement that emerged in Italy in the mid-1960s. These artists broke with tradition by focusing on process over product and by making their work from nontraditional materials such as found objects, plants, and other organic substances…