Luc Deleu | the artist

The artist Luc Deleu
Born Jan 9 1944, Mechelen, Belgium.
Lives and works in Antwerp, .

Style and technique of the artist: Architecture, Land and Environmental,

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luc deleu is an architect by training, but sees himself more as an artist and in second place architect. though he cant neglect his background, neither the viewers of his art can. luc deleu has for quite some time been known for his installations of a conceptual character. these art works consist of all manner of materials and are quite dissimilar. but each material tells its own story, has its own specific background and often refers to the rather commonplace reality...

De Belgische architect Luc Deleu nam de lay-out en inrichting van Parasite Paradise op zich. Hij ontwierp een plattegrond in de vorm van een pijp, waarvan de steel een straat vormt die uitmondt in een plein en een vijver (de pijpenkop)...