Lu Chunsheng | the artist

The artist Lu Chunsheng
Born 1968, Changchun, Jilin province, China.

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Istanbul Biennial,

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I want to be a Gentleman

A particularly generative aspect of Lu Chunsheng’s work is the way it breaches the boundary between documentary and fiction. His conceptual and methodological coherence broadens and extends the inquiry into everyday life rather than merely illustrate it. Lu Chunsheng is now focusing on photography and video art. In his work, he articulates a surrealistic and neutral attitude in his videos. Using fixed camera positions, endless drawn-out shots and unprofessional shooting techniques, he documents human behavior in bizarre situations…

Lu Chunsheng’s brooding films and photographs up to 2003 appear preoccupied with industrial-era and communist history. However, the stories told via his films are more mystic than nostalgic, and deal more in the narrative imagination than anything that could be verified. The young men who act out the scenarios employ only basic costume and no dialogue; the sets are more chosen for their symbolic or evocative importance than their actual historical relevance…

Lu Chunsheng’s video opens with a view of a big desk behind which a white collar worker smokes whilst seeming to be holding a solo conference. But curiously, the words he speaks do not deal with material business, but with extempore excursions into dreamlike visions…

History of Chemistry II - Excessively Restrained Mountaineering Enthusiasts, 2006