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The artist Louise Lawler
Born 1947, Bronxville, New York, USA.
Lives and works in New York city.

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About the artist, with works
Lawler’s subject, and obsession, remains the ordinariness of the awesome, specifically, the low materials of the high mysteries which end up in our great shrines and temples of art…
The work of Louise Lawler is presented in an ostensibly clear program, as work on the conditions, procedures, instances of presentation, framing and circulation of works of art. She photographs art and its spaces, but to disturb her skillfully channeled economy of attention span and attachment…
5 Works online
Louise Lawler’s mostly photographic work collapses a variety of art-world positions, including artist, curator, photo editor, dealer, graphic designer, critic, and publisher, raising open-ended questions about the place, value, meaning, and use of art…

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