Linda Montano | the artist

The artist Linda Montano
Pseudonym: Linda Mary Montano
Born 1942, Saugerties, NY, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art,

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Linda M. Montano, a seminal figure in contemporary feminist performance art, has been actively exploring her art/life since the mid 1960s. Her work investigates the relationship between art and life through intricate life altering ceremonies, some of which last for seven or more years...

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Originally trained as a sculptor, Linda Montano began using video in the '70s. Attempting to obliterate the distinction between art and life, Montano's artwork is starkly autobiographical and often concerned with personal and spiritual discipline. She spent two years in a convent and studied Yoga and Zen...

Her studies include Villa Schifanoia, Florence 1965-66, M.F.A. in sculpture; University of Wisconsin, Madison 1966-69, M.F.A. in sculpture; Hobart Welding School, Troy, NY, 1969, welding degree and Buddhism with Lama Kalu Rimpoche in 1977. Her pioneering work in performance art began in 1969 with "The Chicken Show," followed by "Dead Chicken, Live Angel" in 1971 after she had moved to San Francisco...