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The artist Leslie Hewitt
Born 1977, New York, USA.
Lives and works in New York, New York and Houston, Texas, .

Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers,

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Leslie Hewitt is inspired by “the everyday and the transformative power of circumstance or situation,” as she notes in Modern Painters, taking on the forsaken documents of our past—brittle pictures, forgotten books, repressed films, and ephemera—to repurpose them in the present. Influenced by the ethics of Third Cinema and the potential and limits of the photographic as a tool for discourse, Hewitt renders the aesthetic and the conceptual inextricable. Her photosculptural works not only retrieve memory but question the very basis of our access to it: how it is mediated, reframed, and changed through the contingencies of space and the exigencies of time.

Artist Leslie Hewitt presents a project using Flash technology that questions the history of an object in the Gallery’s collection. By weaving fact and fiction she creates a space for invisible stories to surface and coexist with existing ones…

LAXART presents the Los Angeles debut of Tijuana-based collective Torolab and New York-based artist Leslie Hewitt…

A Conversation with Leslie Hewitt

Riffs on Real Time