Leigh Bowery | the artist

The artist Leigh Bowery
Born 1961, Sunshine, Australia.
Died Dec 31 1994, London, UK.
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Design,

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The Legend of Leigh Bowery is an exploration of Leigh Bowery's outrageous life, a life he lived as a performance. Bowery was a costume/clothing designer, nightclub impresario, performer, and musician whose vision influenced many of today's important artists. He became known to the world at large as the muse and subject of preeminent British painter Lucian Freud.

Goodbye To The Boy From Sunshine

A fashion jester on a gargantuan scale, Leigh Bowery stretched every sartorial excess. But only by stripping off completely to become one of Lucian Freud's most charismatic subjects, did this transvestite-performing artist take his rightful place in the cultural canon...

“To say Leigh Bowery was a nightclub performer is a bit like saying Picasso liked to dabble in oils.” Black and White Magazine Take a Bowery examined the extraordinary contribution to performance, fashion design and visual culture by the late Australian-born, London-based performance artist, Leigh Bowery