Kurt Kocherscheidt | the artist

The artist Kurt Kocherscheidt
Born July 6 1943, Klagenfurt, Austria.
Died November 13 1992, Wels, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Documenta Kassel,

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One could not claim that Kurt Kocherscheidt was particularly concerned with indelibly writing his position into the art of his time. Even the course of his life history indicates the unconventional approach, which allowed him to seek his own way without entering into the kind of compromises imposed by institutional or aesthetic commitment. His decision to leave the city for a longer period after a very well received first appearance in the Vienna Secession in 1968, where he presented work as part of the artist group ‘Wirklichkeiten’ [Realities], is characteristic of this...

Kurt Kocherscheidt (Klagenfurt, Austria, 1943 - Wels, Austria, 1992) ranks among the central figures of subjectively loaded painting in Austria. In his works he creates his own emotional universe. Kocherscheidt departs from the sensory component of our experience of reality and points to its existential dimension. His dashing strokes and unmatching colours constantly question the art of painting. He has chosen for a derailed painting, lacking any technical perfection. His work is neither figurative nor abstract, but it simply has been liberated from its subservience to representation. In 1986 he started to take elements from his paintings to exhibit them independently as some sort of half-sculptures shaped like wooden panels. The wood remains usually untreated, but is covered with shades of brown and black...

Kurt Kocherscheidt is born on July 6, 1943, as the son of Friedrich Kocherscheidt and Elisabeth Mayer in Klagenfurt, Carinthia. His father, a native of Velbert in the Rhineland, has come to Klagenfurt as a non-commissioned officer of the Mountain Infantry and has married Elisabeth Mayer, a native of Friesach, Carinthia, in January 1942...