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The artist Korpys and Loffler
Born Bremen, Germany.
Lives and works in Bremen and Berlin, Germany.

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography,

André Korpys, 1966 in Bremen.

Markus Löffler, 1963 in Bremen.

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About the artist and their work, with images
Korpys/Löffler have often done research into the security areas of society and politics for their films and projects. Control systems and monitoring techniques, which at first sight seem quite inconspicuous, are seen by the artists as central aspects of architecture and interior aesthetics. An additional programme of films by Korpys/Löffler is planned…
The Nuclear Football
For over 10 years the research work undertaken by Andree Korpys (born 1966) and Markus Löffler (born 1963) for their projects and films was conducted in social and political domains frequently characterized by special functions and security structures, or which are considered to be historical topographies with a special symbolism…

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