Koo Jeong-a | the artist

The artist Koo Jeong-a
Born 1967, Seoul, South Korea.
Lives and works in Paris, france, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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"Thinking how it is all going to end and arrive at a time when it seems as if it had failed. It is difficult to describe, it is like a feeling that needs you. Like a house needs a floor to know when it’s been walked on or like a plant that needs reminding. Trying to create something that you felt shallowly that you had got before."

There are foxes in my neighborhood in London, red foxes.  Pictures of my friends, or people that I see everyday.  Like people I see at the newsstand or in the neighborhood or something that happens.  I like the painting, spending the time doing this, the way I feel when I am lost in it.  It is an extraordinary experience

“Babakoo” and biography

Since the beginning of the 1990s Koo Jeong-a has been discreetly making slight, subtle arrangements, small interventions on the borders of the visible and the invisible…

It would seem that Duchamp’s tricks still work. Many visitors to Koo Jeong-a’s exhibition backed off at the entrance, thinking the show was still being installed, a deduction prompted by a bottle of window-cleaning spray left in the middle of the gallery floor. A second glance revealed, however, that the bottle was part of the display and placed next to a carefully folded dirty cloth…