Konstantin Zvezdochotov | the artist

The artist Konstantin Zvezdochotov
Born 1958, Moscow, Russia.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Moscow Conceptualism,

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In the semi-serious Table of Ranks of the Moscow unofficial art Konstantin Zvezdochotov rates as a general. He is ready to take part in all exhibitions, successful or not. He likes working in company. He was certainly among the organizers of several art groups - the World Champions, for instance.

Four years ago I was taken very far east (I have never been further east.) I was surrounded by foreigners, and most of them were speaking in an incomprehensible language. I found it very uncomfortable and cold. I was homesick for Moscow, I longed for a cozy circle of friends, but it was precisely because of those friends that I had been taken to this remote place.


Shakhty or On MinersÂ’ Day The well-known Russian mining town Shakhty with its miners, who were celebrated as heroes during Soviet times, stand in the centre of this piece…