Kaz Oshiro | the artist

The artist Kaz Oshiro
Born 1967, Okinawa, Japan.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Works and biography

Oshiro’s painstaking replications endow seemingly empty emblems of consumer culture with meaning. Growing up in Okinawa, Oshiro was bred on a hearty mix of American and Japanese pop cultures. His teenage enthusiasm for punk and new wave music and involvement as a young adult with pop collectibles eventually led to disillusion with the commodity-controlled world of fashions and trends. While in art school at California State University, Los Angeles, Oshiro became intrigued by the Photorealist paintings of Daniel Douke, particularly his masterfully convincing painted replications of paper bags and various forms of metal. Oshiro became interested in making free-standing objects using Douke’s illusionist techniques...

Pink Marshall Stack Wall (Three Marshall Double Stacks)

An installation of Oshiro's meticulously crafted trompe l'oil replicas of common objects that are in fact three-dimensional paintings made using canvas, stretchers, bondo and acrylic paint...