Katrina Neiburga | the artist

The artist Katrina Neiburga
Born 1978, Riga, Latvia.
Lives and works in Riga.

Style and technique of the artist: Video, Performance Art,

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Original artworks, prints, exhibition posters, monographs, books, collectibles.

I am not specially making performances, but others can name them like that,
Almost every time the process is more important than the result. The main aim of the process is to entertain,
Sometimes I think that it is some kind of playing,
I like to crawl into where I am not.

Katrina Neiburga (*1978) untersucht Verbindungen unter den Generationen innerhalb einer Familie. Die Körper der Frauen – sie gehören drei verschiedenen Altersgruppen an – bilden ein archetypisches Monster.

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