Karen Finley | the artist

The artist Karen Finley
Born 1956, Chicago, IL, USA.
Lives and works in San Francisco, California, .

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art,

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Karen Finley is an innovative and controversial New York based performance artist/literary figure/visual artist. She has created countless installations, drawings, performances, and public sculptures all over the world. Many of her works deal with the issues of violence against women, emotional despair, a sense of loss, and abuse.

In an art world still confused about experiencing the moment versus purchasing the object, Karen Finley’s artworks balance wicked humor with humanistic morality. That entire ‘90s Brit Pack’s system of manufacturing shock could be contained in one of Karen’s pieces. Take your pick: She raked Jackson Pollock over the coals in documenting the “action” of her Breast Milk Paintings. To double their pleasure, they were executed on velvet! Her X-Rated Winnie the Pooh series of drawings is in its third year of debauching innocence with a wryly innocent hand…

The Rage of the Chocolate-Smeared Woman