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The artist Justine Kurland
Born 1969, Warsaw, New York, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

Like Hellen van Meene, Justine Kurland’s subjects are young women nearing adulthood. To this theme, Kurland brings a particular American point of view, photographing her models in roving packs that crisscross and occupy the landscape like she-wolves. Posed in large color tableaus, Kurland’s girl/women engage each other in listless occupations in landscapes that, like the girls themselves, seem suspended between two absolutes.

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Self-Portrait with Deer
Justine Kurland practices a style of photographic mannerism that exploits staged realities in order to explore the social landscape of girlhood…
Works and biography
Justine Kurland’s photographs are about adolescence, awkwardness, girls, the American landscape, secrets, and quiet, private dreams of community that hide behind tough exteriors and blank faces…

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