Jules Pascin | the artist

The artist Jules Pascin
Born March 31 1885, Viddin, Bulgaria.
Died June 2 1930 Paris, France.

Style and technique of the artist: Fauvism, Painting, Drawing, Ecole de Paris,

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Montmartre and Montparnasse of the 1920’s immediately evokes the name of Jules Pascin and that of his wife, Hermine David. If Man Ray can be called the eyes of Paris in the années folles, Pascin, surely, was its heart…
Groupe de femmes (Group of Women)’ and other works
Pascin is perhaps best known for his amazing and solid paintings of women in various states of undress, many of them prostitutes or artist’s models. Many of his paintings and drawings seem created from life, with sensitive and undulating lines that define these women. The feminine bodies of Pascin’s models are convincing in their curves and three-dimensionality…

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