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The artist Jonathan Allen
Born 1966, England.
Lives and works in London UK.

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Jonathan Allen (b.1966) is a London-based visual artist, working in a variety of media including lenticular photography, video installation, performance, and object/textworks. He has been exhibiting widely in the UK, Europe, and the USA since 1991…
Tommy Angel
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Jonathan Allenís bible-thumping alter-ego, Tommy Angel, is a character of seductive grotesquerie: a beguiling hybrid of Deep South evangelist preacher, 70s cheese-bag magician, and Sforzian political svengali. A contemporary carpetbagger for American Fundamentalism, Angel manifests in life-size photographic portraits, and the live performances which emerge from their illusory surfaces, drawing connotations between religious faith, secular magic, and art’s hall of mirrors…

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