Jimmy Ernst | the artist

The artist Jimmy Ernst
Pseudonym: born Hans-Ulrich Ernst
Born June 24 1920, Cologne, Germany.
Died Febr 6 1984, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Sun of Max Ernst and Louise Straus

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Ernst must have had a magical childhood. He was called “Jimmy, Dadafex Minimus” by his father, the Dada/Surrealist master Max Ernst...

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...His oils give the appearance of web-like designs with dozens of layers of paint. He is also noted for white on white and black on black paintings. More than eighty museums have his work in their permanent collections in this country and Europe.

The biomorphic and surreal compositions of his father, the art of Jean Arp, Paul Klee, André Breton, and Lyonel Feininger, early encounters with Native American symbols, and the friendship of William Baziotes and Kurt Seligmann all influenced the young artist...