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The artist Jesus Bubu Negron
Born 1975, Arecibo, Puerto Rico.
Lives and works in Barceloneta and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Photography,

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The Fourth Floor
Bubu has this unselfishness, a line that goes through his work… the idea of self-sacrifice that comes from popular legends. What’s really interesting is that Bubu is the first person i know who is a natural… something i had never seen. Everyone I’ve met who knows nothing about art history makes crappy art… except Bubu. He’s the first guy I know who really was born for this shit… I’m impressed by that…
Brite Bike’
Although many Conceptual practices imply a dearth of labor, in their emphasis on the idea over its transcription into physical form, Jesús "Bubu" Negrón’s mode of Conceptualism strives for something different…

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