Jens Ferdinand Willumsen | the artist

The artist Jens Ferdinand Willumsen
Born Sept 7 1863, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Died April 4 1958, Cannes, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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The J.F. Willumsen Museum

Peintre, sculpteur, Willumsen se fait aussi architecte en dessinant en 1895 le plan d'un bâtiment destiné à abriter une association d'artistes en rupture avec l'Académie danoise, Den Frie Udstilling (L'Exposition Libre)...

Much has been written in regard to the influence of French Art on the work of the outstanding Danish artist Jens Ferdinand Willumsen (1863-1958), but little attention has been paid to his connections with American art and design. This oversight is due to the scant information left behind...

Paintings and sculpture