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The artist Jeanne Susplugas
Born 1974, Montpellier, France.
Lives and works in Berlin and Paris, .

Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Video, Photography,

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When we think about drug trafficking, we spontaneously think of drugs, prostitution, weapons or the money that's involved. But it is the hand-to-hand sales, which capture the attention of Jeanne Susplugas, from the discreet street deal on the corner (Speed deal, c-print, 2008) to the enormous import/export industry of the drug companies. Blue, green, pink or white pills: these tablets seem harmless.... not really drugs, but there is a danger lurking behind them. We smile when we imagine a small blue pill that produces strength and virility for the average man while provoking embarrassment at the time of purchase ("Buy now", 2008, drawing). Taken from a Song by the Chinese pop singer Li Zong Sheng, from the album "rather worried recently," the title of the exhibition alludes to the famous blue pill, number one in imitations: "In my dream the light is very dim. I have search everywhere. Can't find my blue pill."

From video to photography, installation to drawing, Jeanne evolves in a world that is as seductive as it is disturbing with its main preoccupations being our addiction and other questions concerning the body...

Jeanne Susplugas started by photographing toys in 1998-99. She then photographed medication pills. They appeared around that time. Even when Jeanne Susplugas develops an interest for other things such as man-woman relationships, sensuality, when sexuality takes a dominating place, medication pills continue to occupy a central place in her work...