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The artist Jean Fautrier
Born May 16 1898, Paris, France.
Died July 21 1964 Chatenay-Malabry.

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8 Works in the TATE gallery
Whirls , 1958, oil on paper applied to canvas
6 Works online
French painter, printmaker, illustrator and sculptor. An illegitimate child, he was given his motherís surname but was brought up by his grandmother. On the death of both his father and grandmother in 1908 he joined his mother in London, where he entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1912. Finding the teaching too traditional, he left to enrol at the Slade School of Fine Art, which had a reputation for being more avant-garde, though he was again disappointed. He then decided to work alone and devoted himself to painting, concentrating on nudes and still-lifes…

Body and Soul, 1957
oil and varnish with sand and dry pigment on paper mounted on canvas

Body and Soul
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