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The artist Jan Fabre
Born 1958, Antwerpen, Belgium.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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"Brugge, 3003 (Angel)"

Born in Antwerp in 1958, Jan Fabre is a drawer, sculptor, playwright and stage (drama and opera) director, choreographer and stage designer of European renown.

By once again choosing a traditional technique (marble sculpture), Fabre continues to pursue his unrelenting visionary investigation of the original practices of art, in which he shows us his ideal vision of symbolic life, revealing more clearly than ever the intentionally chosen artistic anachronism that determines his originality. Jan Fabre has always moved in the black area that is populated by extinct creatures, the area of knowledge that has been erased or sidelined, yet that crops up obsessively in his art, which is also an archetype of risk, of threat and of loss of what is personified by the artist’s solitude in life as in death: an inscrutable inner well, made of dreams and of visions for taking refuge…

the case of fabre/der fall fabre