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The artist Jackie Sumell
Born , Brooklyn NY, USA.
Lives and works in Dublin, Ireland, .

Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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As a multidisciplinary artist Jackie Sumell is inspired most by the lives of everyday people. Her work, both as activist and artist, attempts to unmask the common denominator of human experience that often hides behind the proverbial billboards of personal biography. Her work has been exhibited consistently in the Bay Area and in various non-profit venues throughout the US including Reed Gallery in Cincinnati and The Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco...

This is an interview with Joseph Del Pesco (curator of Artists Space) and artist and social activist Jackie Sumell who is show casing her amazing project called The House That Herman Built this October at Artists Space in the A&D (Architecture and Design) Project Space...

Her interdisciplinary work transcends the boundaries of art and activism in its attempt to connect people in provocative and meaningful ways. Sumell has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Cuba, Ireland and Germany...