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The artist Isidore Isou
Born 1928, Botosani, Romania.

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The Paris-based movement ‘Lettrism’ was founded by Isidore Isou, who proposed incorporating letters, numerals and non-Western calligraphy into painting; fusing art with poetry to create a music of letters.

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Born in Rumania in 1928, Isidore Isou came to Paris at the end of WW II with many ideas for a renovation of all the arts, a re-visioning from the ground up. He called himself a "Lettriste," a movement of which he was initially the only member. But others soon joined him, and the movement continues to grow, albeit at times under a confusing number of different names…
[In 1951, Guy Debord] met the lettrists in Cannes, where they had showed up to create a ruckus and make sure Isou’s first film, Traité de bave et d’éternité [Treatise on Slime and Eternity], was screened…
Interview with the artist (French)

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