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The artist Imants Tillers
Born 1950, Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Cooma, New South Wales, .

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Australian born, Imants Tillers was a child of the diaspora, his Latvian parents fled to Australia to escape Soviet communism. He is regarded as the most important artist of his generation in Australia “Tillers’ post-Duchampian interest in the more surrealistic facets of contemporary science led him to develop a massive ‘holistic system’ consisting of hundreds of modular paintings composed of juxtaposed and layered quotations from the works of other artists.

inventing postmodern appropriation

As one of Australia’s most significant artists, Tillers has been at the forefront of contemporary art for over three decades. Since 1981 Tillers has used his signature canvasboards to explore themes relevant to contemporary culture, from the centre/periphery debates of the 1980s, to the effects of migration, displacement and diaspora. Most recently, his paintings have been concerned with place, locality and evocations of the landscape…

It isn’t possible for an artwork to be too clever. Yet sometimes they’re nothing but clever. You look at the work and remark to yourself, "Oh, that’s clever", but then move on without carrying anything away from the experience. By his paintings and prints in this excellent mini survey, Imants Tillers strikes me as a clever artist…

Imants Tillers: one world many visions is the first major survey of Imants Tillers’ paintings in Australia that includes his most recent and significant large-scale works…