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The artist Igor and Marina
Born 12/25/1956 and 04/07/1960, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

Husband and wife team, working together on oil on canvas paintings under the pseudonym: "Igor & Marina".  Style: we would say -  realistic portraits on the abstract background.
The artists live and work in Chicago, IL U.S.A.
We are artists, which is an excellent thing. We are married, also an excellent thing. We work together- not necessarily an excellent thing. What do we mean by this? Clearly itís not that we donít find inspiration in each otherís work or ideas. However, on a practical level, itís hard to avoid some problems. First of all, though we have been together for twenty years, whenever we work together on a painting, we spend most of our time arguing. Perhaps this isnít all that surprising.

In the work of Igor Kozlovsky and Marina Sharapova, time is not merely linear; itís an element to manipulate, to fold into strikingly original compositions. In each canvas we sense a narrative is implied, but we always fall short of piecing it together Ė itís like waking up from a dream.

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There are two galleries of our oil paintings: realistic portraits on the abstract background: "Renaissance That Never Was" and gallery of the abstract images: "Unindentified Painted Objects".

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