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The artist Igor Tishin
Born 1958, Vasipoliť, Belarus.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Igor Tishin’s work cannot be classified in any traditional sense. He is a painter and an installation artist, a theorist and a commentator, appealing yet unfashionable but undoubtedly an important artist of our time. His work is an ongoing investigation into contemporary Belarussian identity that is independent of any audience. As a consequence of this, his work can also be difficult for the viewer to understand. This is not art as entertainment; by inviting the viewer into a discussion Tishin’s art encourages individual thought from its viewers…
Igor Tishin is one of the most surprising artists in Belarus at the moment. In a country whose approach to art is still strongly focused on Socialist Realism and for the past few decades on French Modernism, his paintings and installations certainly do catch the eye…

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