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The artist Howtan
Born , , .
Lives and works in Rome, Italy, .

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Howtan, an interior designer with an eclectic personality, today he focusses with an incisive expressiveness his talent and passion, commitment and creativity through the cameras lens. The artist, of Italian-Persian origin, is starting to make his mark in the international world of art with works that certainly do not pass unnoticed but capture both the gaze and the soul of those who stop to observe them. All his works are open to multiple meanings and rich in specific messages. Each work is deliberately presented untitled so as to leave its interpretation open to the personal reflection of each viewer, who is thus called upon to give a voice to each individual creation.. His innovative artistic concept is based on a dynamic vision, rendered by means of a three-dimensional effect produced by the insertion of crystals applied to the photos, which are thus made precious with an extra touch of personality, a unique sign of recognition. This collection of works is named "HellandParadise", because in conceptual terms it can be referred to the dualism of two opposite and complementary worlds, a dualism present in the spirit and personality of the artist himself. "HellandParadise" marks a very special moment in Howtan's life, a time of passion on one side and introspection on the other. On the photographic set the artist reconstructs situations in which feelings and emotions are materialized and exteriorized so as to defuse the drama of inner suffering and experience a feeling of pleasure and liberation.