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The artist Hiroshi Hamaya
Born March 28 1915, Tokyo, Japan.
Died March 6 1999 Tokyo.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Hasselblad Award,

Photograph Frank Horvat

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hiroshi hamaya
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hiroshi hamaya
iroshi Hamaya is one of the most eminent documentary photographers in Japan today. His preferred subjects are people and nature. His interest in naturale is not, however, limited to the Japanese countryside but to unspoilt nature around the world. As part of recording nature, Hamaya has also documented human life in its many variations. Although he intended his photos to be scientific records, they also have an aesthetic rendering: Hamaya has made an art form of documentary photography…

hiroshi hamaya
Born in Tokyo, Hamaya taught himself photography at age 15. In 1933 he joined Oriental Photographic Industries primarily photographing trains and taking aerial views. From 1937 to 1945 he was a freelancer based in Tokyo and it was during this period in 1939 when Hamaya met ethnologist Keizo Shibusawa who strongly influenced him…

hiroshi hamaya
Fisherman with his family. From the series ‘Japan’s Back Coast’, Akita, 1956

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