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The artist Henrik-Plenge Jacobsen
Born 1967, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lives and works in Paris and Copenhagen.

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Artist’s website
Making an eye in the Smashed Cafeteria of Jes Brinch and Henrik Plenge Jacobsen.
The idea of autonomy as such only arises when an individual or a group finds itself in conflict with its surroundings. Is free action possible? What are its boundaries? Such questions aim to re-address the issue of autonomy. In this conflict, the self’s position needs to be re-informed; a means of action must be chosen. In this sense, the starting point for a discourse on the autonomy of action does not only ask the question of freedom but also addresses the issue of (social and artistic) responsibility. Today, as new forms of political resistance need to be enabled to fragment the overwhelming stench of homogeneous cultural life, the question of the human being’s autonomy, is the first and foremost question that one should ask…

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