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The artist Henri Riviere
Born March 11, 1864, Montmarte, Paris, France.
Died Aug 24 1951 Sucy en Brie, France.

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An accomplished printmaker, photographer, and set designer, Henri Rivière is remembered as one of the foremost proponents of Japonisme, the French fascination with all things Japanese at the close of the 19th century…
The Pardon of St. Anne-de-Palud’ woodcuts
Thirty Six Views of the Eiffel Tower
enri Rivière was a true Parisian, born in Montmarte on March 11, 1864. His father, Prosper Rivière, was originally from the Pyrenees and ran a wholesale lace and crinoline store in Paris. Rivière’s mother, Henriette Leroux, was from a bourgeois working family. She had a second son, Jules, a year after Henri’s birth. In 1870, when Henri was six, Prosper moved his family to the Pyrenees after France’s defeat of the Prussians. Prosper died three years later. In 1875, Henriette remarried Léon Fruger in Paris…

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