Harry Dodge Stanya Kahn | the artist

The artist Harry Dodge Stanya Kahn
Born D:1966; K: 1968, California, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Video,

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As a collaborative team, we make video and live performance. Individually, Harry Dodge makes sculptures, drawings,installations and performance. Stanya Kahn writes, makes live peroformance and video.

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A woman in a sundress takes a weed whacker to an overgrown lot; a gentle stoner meets a man with a camera in the desert as they both wait in vain for a rock concert shuttle that never comes; a voyeur lurking in a patch of shrubbery is surprised by a loquacious woman wearing a plastic Viking hat, carrying a wedge of foam-rubber cheese, and daubing an unexplained nosebleed…

The Ballad of Crappy and Seapole is a show within a show about work, money, grief, anxiety, and exuberance. Shempco, a nearsighted, unemployed, insomniac loner choreographs all night long making a play about Crappy and Seapole, two visionary nobodies who alleviate distress with odd and haunting rituals…