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The artist Harrell Fletcher
Born 1967, Santa Maria, CA, USA.
Lives and works in Minnesota, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Alpert Award for Visual Arts,

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For over ten years Fletcher has worked collaboratively and individually on interdisciplinary, site-specific projects exploring the dynamics of social spaces and communities. Along with this work he has developed a series of more personal and idiosyncratic pieces that take various forms: drawings, prints, writings, events, videos, and sculptural objects…

Artist’s website

The following interview with Harrell Fletcher is part of a series of interviews with some of the members of a group of 25 artists from around the U.S. and Canada who went to Kentucky and Virginia to participate in the initial stages of a multi-year, multi-site community art project sponsored by the American Festival Project…

It helps if you don’t take Harrell Fletcher as an Artist, which can be a tricky mental shift, seeing as how he is, in fact, Portland’s most high-profile artist. But when conventional academic or artistic standards are applied to Fletcher’s social interventions, the point of his work is often lost…

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