Halsey Rodman | the artist

The artist Halsey Rodman
Born 1973, Davis, California, USA.
Lives and works in New York City, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art,

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Saatchi gallery: Halsey Rodman’s sculptures and drawings engage with the mythology of the artist. Through his use of eclectic materials, text, and abstraction, Rodman’s works describe the creative process, illustrating asomatous thought as physical form. Converging the austere aesthetics of formalism with a playful theatricality, Rodman’s I Am Turning Into Mist is composed of a light bulb placed atop a hexagonal ‘plinth’. Evolving a witty and complex narrative, the base is suggestive of minimalist sculpture, a lighthouse, or a circus stage: positing art as spectacle, the artist as ‘navagator’, and framing the cartoon emblem of ‘bright idea’ as an elevated object within itself. Standing barely 1 meter high, and adorned with the title text, the piece conjurers a sense of magic, hopefulness, and fallibility...

The Navigator's Quarters Must Not Be Disturbed

Interview with the artist

There are fairly exact demarcation points where things change from one state to another. Water freezes at 32 degrees, turns to steam at 212 degrees, and becomes plasma at around 12,000 degrees. Horses go from a walk to a trot to a run at precise moments. Halsey Rodman never comes right out and says so, but in some sculptural-material way he's an explorer of the ultimate demarcation point: The transformation of life into death and death into whatever...

K's Ship Crash Landed on the Planet of Mist (Part IV)