Gyula Brassai | the artist

The artist Gyula Brassai
Born Sept 19 1899, Brasso, Transylvania, now Hungary.
Died July 8 1984 Nice, France.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

-Gyula Halasz Brassai-(photo: Michel Quetin)

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Brouillard Avenue de l Observatoire, Le Baiser, Les Escaliers de Montmartre.
About the artist
In 1924 Gyula Hasßlz moved to Paris, where he took the name Brassa´ (after his Hungarian hometown, Brassˇ) and began working as a journalist. In letters home he described his busy life writing and illustrating various publications as well as his growing interest in photographing lovers, brothels, prostitutes, and other “phantoms of the night.”
‘Henri Matisse and his model’ and other works
Brassa´ Photographing, Boulevard Saint-Jacques

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