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The artist Graham Gussin
Born Sept 22 1960, London, UK.
Lives and works in London, .

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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Photomontage for Fall

All of Graham Gussin's work engages in some way with the human experience of the infinite. He is conscious that our perception and understanding of the world is manipulated and transformed by a complex layering of mass communications and consumer culture. Often his work suggests a sense of displacement, playing on our desire to be somewhere else, in a different time or space...

Using a variety of media including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, film, video and sound installation Gussin produces works that engage with the human experience of the infinite...

Dark Light Piece

...Rather than continually frustrating the climactic moment as Gussin often does, however, Dean's work takes these very moments - which frequently reference fear, powerlessness and revulsion - and distends them, at once defeating their effect and multiplying it...