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The artist Gimhongsok
Born 1964, Seoul, Korea.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Istanbul Biennial,

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Bienal de Valencia

CHIS - Chronic Historical Interpretation Syndrome, with Sora Kim

Both Gimhongsok and Sora Kim use art as a means of communication, creating non-hierarchical exchanges that serve to de-institutionalize space. Their work employs common elements from people and daily life organized in ways that create unexpected spaces and dialogue. Gimhongsok and Sora Kim are recognized internationally as independent artists and frequent collaborators. Last year, their collaborative sculpture and sound installation Chronic Historical Interpretation Syndrome was featured in Zones of Urgency, curated by Hou Hanru, in the 50th Venice Biennale (2003)...

Gimhongsok and Sora Kim have been noted both domestically and internationally as independent artists. As of recent their collaborative artwork, which started in 2000, has gained much respect of the art community as well…