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The artist Gerald Davis
Born 1974, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Themes of sexuality, longing and lost innocence run throughout Gerald Davisís work. Salvaging from his own personal experiences, Davisís paintings often capture the turbulence of youth, championing all its awkwardness, embarrassment and sentimentality. Executed with the chastity of cartoon illustration, Davisís fairytale images are cringe-worthy disclosures of preteen puppy-love, weaving shame and humiliation into Freudian celebrations of identity and acceptance. For Hillary is presented as a dyptich. One panel tells Davisís true 7th grade tale of primping for a (never received) hand-job for which he devised an ill-crafted mirken; the other canvas is a representation of the desire and fear the girl inspired in him. Saatchi Gallery
The Man In The Traffic Light

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